Waialua Health Club

Rato demonstrates he’s able to deadlift as much as the younger lifters.

We held our 19th Powerlifting Meet on December 8th, 2007 We're currently the only ones that holds a full powerlifting meet which involves the squat, bench, and deadlift. Most meets now are bench and deadlift meets. Our first meet was held in 1983 under the leadership of then club president, Bobby Robinson. It continued annually for 16 years until it was discontinued because of lack of participation. The meet was then started up two years ago under former president, Earl Froman. Current president, Boogie Pactol carried the ball and held the meet this year moving it from the traditional August to December.


Some highlights of the meet included Ed Manmano dropping from the 165 lb. class to 148 and smashing the club deadlift record hoisting 535 lbs. easily. Other highlights included 45 year old Master lifter, Deron Agaran benching 355 lbs., narrowly missing 370 at 145 lbs. Deron lifted in the 198 lb. class only 3 years ago. Amazing! 43 year old lifter, Rato Ablao smashed the deadlift record lifting 500 lbs. in the 181 lb. class after an 8 year layoff. Teenage lifter, Jacob Valmoja in the 132 lb. class recorded records of 275 lbs. in the bench and 390 lbs. in the deadlift. First time teenage lifter Rance Balidoy, smoked a 425 lb. deadlift for a record. Lifters are looking forward to next years meet.

Powerlifting Results. All weights in pounds.

December 8, 2007

*indicates WHC record

NM = Non Member

19TH Waialua Health Club Powerlifting Meet





148 lbs. (45-49 yrs.) 1. Deron Agaran 275* 355* 385* 995*

165 lbs. (40-44 yrs.)(NM) 1. Brad Biroan 45 135 135 315

181 lbs. (40-44 yrs.) 1. Rato Ablao 335* 345 500* 1180*

275 lbs. (40-44 yrs.) 1. Paul Smith 485* 285* 485* 1255*



123 lbs. 1. Kasey Cabison 45 185 335 565

132 lbs. 1. Jacob "Boo Boo" Valmoja 265 275* 390* 915

148 lbs. 1. Cody Wells(NM) 275 340 340 955

2 Storm Pactol 275 265* 305 845

165 lbs. 1. 325 300* 425* 1050*

220 lbs. 1. Kekoa Biroan 135 340 295 770



181 lbs. 1. Rowena Bagayos(NM) 250 205 250 770


148 lbs. 1. Ed Manmano 455 275 535* 1265

165 lbs. 1. Jon Kutsmeda 250 245 305 800

2. Jordan Lawi-an 295 ----------------------

198 lbs. 1. Matt Elvena 45 440* 405 875

242 lbs. 1. Boogie Pactol 495 425* 500 1420

275 lbs. 1. Jon Anuenue(NM) 405 405 500 1310




Most Improved Lifter= Deron Agaran

Most Outstand Teen= Rance Balidoy

Most Outstanding Male=Ed Manmano

Most Outstanding Master=Deron Agaron

Most Outstanding Overall=Ed Manmano

  1. BulletW.H.C. Powerlifting Records

  2. BulletHistory of The Waialua Health Club

  3. BulletW.H.C. Push-Pull Records

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